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I invited abundance into my life.... then let scarcity take its place. (Video)

I haven't worked a job since the beginning of 2020 and after my last job ended I decided that I was never going to rely on a job as my main source of income ever again.

In these last few years, I have had highs and I have had lows and the video below was made after a major low.

As an entrepreneur, it is VITAL to shed your employee mindset and build and cater to your abundance mindset. Without feeding your abundance mindset the scarcity cat will enter the house of your mind and destroy it.

I had been feeding my abundance mindset for years, and I was getting great results from it. my main affirmation was " I get paid more outside of my job" and that affirmation became true. for a could months after separating from my job I found myself bringing in more money than I had ever brought in from my job. I was ecstatic to watch my words and thoughts be made manifest.

Then I made the worst mistake.

All of this money was coming to me out of nowhere from all different sources. Then I soon found myself falling into a deep despair and anxiety cycle.

" What happens when the money stops coming in? " What if I can't afford this later?" "When the money stops coming how will I pay my bills" "What if I can't afford this later?" "What will I do if I have no money coming in"

I focused on those thoughts and It didn't take long for those thoughts to begin to manifest.

I now realize that just as I manifested my abundance by focusing on abundance, I manifested scarce circumstances the same way.

Lack and scarcity are not natural. Go take a walk in the forest, or visit an open field. In nature, there is always enough to go around. Water, air, and nutrients are provided for the creatures of earth in abundance.

This chapter on m journey taught me this: In this life, The thoughts we dwell on play a huge part in the results to show up in our lives. Thoughts of scarcity and lack will never bring an abundant reality. Learning to focus your mind on abundance is a great way to gift back when lack tries to attack.

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