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What is life coaching?

Combining the best aspects of creativity and personal development, coaching allows individuals to manifest their goals while improving their overall daily life. There are three main reasons why coaching works:


We all achieve better together. Through teamwork in the form of a partnership, the client and coach can accomplish more than any one person can alone.


With the right foundation, clients will have the tools needed to rise above many of life’s challenges.


Through the expertise of a coach, clients can learn to set goals, make better decisions, and restructure their life towards their wants, desires, and overall life purpose.

Who is Creative Life Coaching for?

Good candidates for creative coaching services are:

  • Creatives

  • Entrepreneurs,

  • Artists

  • New business owners

  • People who feel unfulfilled in their current life

  • People looking for clarity in their next steps

What is the benefit of Coaching?

Some of the benefits of working with a coach and included but are not limited to:

  1. Clarifying goals and intentions

  2. Setting and creating a plan to achieve goals

  3. Designing Dreamlife

  4. Making life decisions

  5. Prioritizing actions

  6. Growing creativity

  7. Increasing satisfaction in life

  8. Life planning

  9. Time budgeting

  10. Finding and attaining balance

Interested in working with a coach? Book a discovery call Here

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