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Assistance Request


The last couple of years has been a challenge for almost everyone. The world has been through major changes in the last year and has left a lot of people feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally conflicted.  
I wanted to do something to help people regain their peace and recognize the true power that they have on the inside of them. I got certified as a life coach and I set out on a journey to helping 500,000 people become the creators of their dream life.  
I have been working with clients and spreading messages of hope and creation through my youtube channel and Instagram pages.


The Problem

 I have currently run into a minor setback on this journey. Recently after updating my computer, it crashed and now the apps that I use to create my content no longer work and my alternative methods of editing content no longer have the bandwidth or storage compacity to handle editing the recorded content I have. To make a long story short, the equipment I started with has served me well, (feel free to check out my youtube channel for evidence of this) but I am in need of new equipment.

How can you help?

Here are some ways you can help!

- Ordering from the created by Jayde store on this website.

- Purchase a copy of Jayde's Ultimate Journey

- Book a mind massage (or any coaching package that would best serve you)

- Donate

- Subscribe to the website

- Subscribe to my youtube channel

- Share this page!

If you aren’t able to donate or purchase sharing this post on your social media or saying a prayer would be just and helpful!

How Can You Help?
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